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The Green Bunker LLC is an investment company which owns currently a business in the Healthy Vending Industry under the name: "Healthylicious Snacks 2 Go". The GREEN BUNKER is currently studying other investments in Sarasota and Manatee Counties related to HEALTH AND WELL BEING to be part of its Portfolio of Investments.

The Objective of "Healthylicious Snacks 2 Go" is to provide the community the opportunity and choice to consume an exciting variety of healthier products, including snacks and drinks through vending machines.

The vending machines will be located in key places like schools, hospitals, offices, gyms, tech companies among other places where there is good traffic of people and the choice to buy healthy vending products will be beneficial to them.

The machines are high tech and very modern, they will be customized in the selection of products, depending on the necessities of the location. Our customers will be able to use the following payment methods in our vending machines:Cash, Credit/Debit cards, smartphones including Apple Pay, Google Wallet and other applications.

We provide over 2,500 healthy vending products to choose from.

Types of products: Candy Bars & Gum, Cereal & Granola Bars, Chips & Pretzels, Cookies, Crackers, Fruits, Nutritional Bars, Seeds Nuts & Jerky, Carbonated Soda, Healthy Energy drinks, Non Carbonated Juices and Non-Dairy Smoothies and others.

The products have these specific qualities: ORGANIC, LOW CALORIE, PROTEIN RICH, LOW FAT, KOSHER,GLUTEN FREE, LOW CARB, NO GMO, ALL NATURAL AND NO HIGH FRUCTOSE SYRUP, low-sodium, vegan, nut-free.